Crossfit – A Great Running Partner

Ross Bibby

Ross Bibby, Fell runner at Valley Striders outlines the benefits of Crossfit for runners:



  1. What sparked your interest in Crossfit and how did you get started?


We did a Reebok Crossfit taster session a few years ago at Headingley and enjoyed it, but didn’t follow it up. We received a flyer about Crossfit Regain (a new Crossfit centre in North Leeds) in the post (we live close by) and decided to check it out.


  1. How long have you been doing Crossfit and what progress have you seen so far?


I’ve been a member since December 2014 when we did a taster followed by the fundamentals course. Seen rapid progression in absolutely every movement that is covered in Crossfit, from activities you might not have done since childhood (handstands, rope climbing) through to elements I have never properly learnt before such as Olympic weightlifting techniques.


  1. Why did you choose Crossfit Regain initially and why have you stayed with Crossfit Regain?


Initially went along to a taster session because of how close it was to where we live, in all honesty I didn’t expect to join afterwards, but after the first session and the fundamentals course we enjoyed it so much there was no question that we were going to join. Crossfit Regain is an all-round experience- it is not just about going to a lifeless gym, working out then going home, there is a real community feel to the place.


The workouts and movements are challenging and varied, there is a focus on competition (if you want this, if you don’t then there is no pressure) a great atmosphere and so much to learn that you can never get bored. This is instilled by the incredibly committed, knowledgeable and welcoming coaches/owners Matt and Tom, who go out of their way to help you in any way they can. Regain differs from other gym experiences because of these two, who instil a focus on diet, nutrition, physiology, technique- the whole package as opposed to just “working out”. This not only means getting fitness “results” quickly, it also ingrains an attitude of adopting an overall healthier lifestyle.


  1. What’s your favourite type of workout?


Generally bodyweight workouts, although I am getting a bit better at some of the heavy bar based sessions. Also anything that involves running or jumping!


  1. What’s your most memorable workout?


Probably the 3x3x3… which is;


A 3,000 metre row.

300 double unders (two spins on a jump rope to one jump).

And a 3 mile run.


  1. How has Crossfit impacted on you outside of the gym?


I took up running about three years ago and joined Valley Striders AC, mainly fell running and have been using Crossfit as a tool to improve this. Since joining Regain in December 2014, I have achieved PB’s in every race I have undertaken since. Some of these PB’s have been quite significant too, and in all distances from short 1 mile/5k’s, through to mountain marathons. Admittedly I have been running more in the past 12 months than I ever have done, which if I break it down, as a key factor probably accounts for 50 % of the improvements. Crossfit I would say has added the extra 30% to 40%, with the final 10-20% down to better nutrition, recovery and an overall healthier lifestyle, which is all linked to what is instilled at Regain. Crossfit doesn’t necessarily make you better at running, but it definitely makes you better if you’re a runner!


  1. Three words to sum up Crossfit Regain.


Atmosphere. Variety. Achievement.




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