Keeping Up The Pace

Ben Fraser

2016 is a monumental year for the Pudsey Pacers as the club turns the ripe old age of 25.


The rise of the club can be traced back to an evolution from a handful of joggers to a structured affiliated club, swelling close to 300 members.  I also like this other musing that has been quoted more than twice to me (which raises the validity) – ‘we’re a drinking club with a running problem’! 


That said the impact the Pudsey Pacers make on the health and wellbeing of hundreds of people both directly through running and indirectly through raising much needed charity funds at their annual Pudsey 10k, is, commendable to say the least! 


On my most recent visit to the club I arrived for a chat with Angela and Jane, two recent graduates of the Pacer 10 week beginner running programme. For anyone achieving that ‘fully fledged’ running status I begin by exploring their relationship with running before they started.



I couldn’t imagine running, I couldn’t run at all – I used to bypass it at school’



I did go running or jogging, or whatever you want to call it, with a friend but I didn’t really know what I was doing – any pace, style or form!


Leaders like Joy, Karen and Arthur who plan and deliver the programme have created a nurturing environment where learning to run is covered in a 360 degree way.



Learning how to breath (as silly as it sounds), how to run at a pace and those memorable tips such as sockets to pocket



We covered even the basic gear, nutrition and the right kind of stretches which all help you


This thorough yet relaxed approach, exuded by the knowledge and laughter in conversation, shows the genuine transformation of both ladies from non-runners to real runners… even if it takes me twisting Angela’s arm to recognise she’s more than a jogger!


From the early relationship with running we move on to the effects of it – what do you get back from all those laborious hours spent sticking one foot in front of the other?



It’s got me fitter and I can run miles now! I wanted to achieve the goal of being able to run up a hill while talking – I can now!



I am a lot fitter than I was before AND we can run and talk. It helped me set a goal of running the Abbey Dash – that was the best thing I’ve ever done


Combine the love of talking and catching up whilst knocking off some impressive goals and there you have it! Angela settles on a key motivating factor of the group…


By coming here it gives me the motivation to go running


A fine affirmation for a club that continues to introduce new people to running as not only a physical activity pursuit but one as part of a healthier lifestyle.





The next Pudsey Pacer 10 week beginner course begins on the 18th May:


Signup for the Sainsbury’s Pudsey 10k and help raise funds for Marie Curie Care Cancer:


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