This Girl Can! – Amanda’s Story

Aaron McMillan

Amanda could never see herself as a runner. But after meeting an old friend at a charity event, she dived in. Now she is proving that This Girl Can.


After giving her friend Harry the Hawk, the mascot for the Hunslet Hawks Rugby League Club, a lift to make a guest appearance at the 5K run at Middleton Park she started talking to one of the runners from the South Leeds Sisters. She was trying to persuade Amanda to come along to one of the sessions. She could never see herself at a running club, but after having quite a stubborn mind-set, she cracked and agreed to come along. Now she can’t get enough!


After the first session she became ‘’hooked’ and couldn’t wait to push on with the running. Amanda had ten months training for the Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10K, which she ran in under 90 minutes and raised £650 for the Stroke Association.


Amanda, a community nurse spoke to me about how running groups, in particular the South Leeds Sisters, help people who want to start running: ‘They were so patient with me. The faster ones went ahead, but someone would always stay with me.’


They are also very supportive to me; they have beginners’ groups with leaders who are kind and supportive


Amanda is the perfect example of a woman who has bitten the bullet and found her stride with running. She is also a strong supporter of the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign.  She believes the strongest aspect of the campaign is how it targets all types of women.


Everyone has got wobbly bits. The only way you don’t is if you are a 20-something super model. It doesn’t matter if your bits wobble


She doesn’t agree with how women claim they cannot do it:


A lot of women say they can’t run. Well, you can walk can’t you? So you can run! Running is the easiest sport to just get up and go, either with friends or on your own with your headphones


Amanda also said that beginners who want to get into running should go along to running classes for tips:


Go and get advice from people who know what they are doing, or you’ll end up injured. Don’t push yourself too hard, listen to your body and enjoy yourself’.



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