Who Are Urban Trail Runner?

Helena Byles



The mission of Urban Trail Runner is to share the unrivalled buzz of trail running with as many people as possible through a series of easy to get to – tough to complete – trail races in parks and woods in city locations. We want to break down barriers to trying this fun, challenging way to run for people who have never tried it, and also create opportunities for experienced trail runners to get a mid-week race. 


Forget pounding the pavement, we are creating an off-road running revolution.




Three friends with a passion for running in all its forms – short distance, long distance, road, off-road – asked each other the question – which runs do we enjoy the most? The answer – tough yet satisfying trail runs in our local woods.


This lead to the next question – why aren’t there any trail races in the woods where more people can experience the buzz of trail running with friends with the added kick of some healthy competition? That’s when Urban Trail Runner was born.




The first Urban Trail Runner Series took place in Leeds parks in the summer of 2015. Although you can enter the races individually (as we know how busy lives are), Urban Trail Runner is designed as a series of three races, with each race challenging runners in a different way and times added together to calculate final times and placings.


Temple Newsam: is the longest race at 7 miles, the route is designed to capture all of the big hills and there is enough elevation to be classed as a Cat C Fell Race. UTR think this is the toughest route of the three. Challenge your endurance on this one! 


The Roundhay: Wednesday July 13th 2016, the route lull’s the runner into a false sense of security, with the first 2/3’s of the race being mainly on pleasantly undulating trails, then there is a real sting in the tail with three big climbs in the last 2 miles, the dam, the climb to the mansion and the infamous hill 60. People finish this thinking it’s the hardest route because the climbing is at the end, this will challenge your power!


Middleton Woods: Sunday 21st August is a tad under 6 miles. It starts and finishes on the track at South Leeds Stadium, so overall the route is flatter, but the trails through the woods dip up and down, twist and turn, making it difficult to maintain a constant rhythm. Middleton Woods has some of the most scenic ancient Woodland in the area. This is the technical race with a good opportunity for a sprint finish in the grandstand!





Urban Trail Runner have partnered with We Are Wellness this year to deliver a Run + Yoga Weekender in the Dales. This was a roaring success and new dates are being booked in for 1 day ‘retreats’ this summer and weekend dates for next year.




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