Brand Pack

Run Leeds is the face of everything to do with running in Leeds, from our Run Leaders engaging individuals on the ground, to this central hub that allows runners old and new to obtain up to date information about running in the city. Our vision is to continually build on an already strong community of runners, and together make running more accessible and enjoyable. This page contains images and information to allow others to build on the Run Leeds vision.

Brand Guide

This guide will explain how to use the Run Leeds branding correctly. It covers everything from the reasoning behind the Run Leeds logo, to how to use the fonts in print media.

- Brand Guidelines (download)


Typography is an important factor in getting your message across. The way words are presented plays an important part in creating a memorable image. It helps link the text to the brand in a subtle way, increasing association across all formats. The files are saved as a .zip file format and contain all the fonts needed to create marketing materials following the Run Leeds branding guidlines.

- Montserrat (download)

- Merriweather Sans (download)

Poster Overlay

Feeling creative? Have your own photos to use? We have created this Run Leeds overlay, just load your photo into the document, then add this image over the top. Nice and simple.

- Poster overlay (download)

Microsoft Word Poster Templates

We have put together a small selection of templates for you to use right off the bat! Each template uses a different background image, but includes the same text formatting. These can be used for small scale home printing.

Poster Templates - JPG

These files are to be used for higher quality print work. They have been created with bleed space included.

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