Back to Back Sprints


Distance: 1.11km


Start on Cowper St and sprint a full 100 metres to the end. Turn Left at the end and walk the short distance to Back Hamilton Avenue – at this point you are ready to sprint back 100 metres on yourself to the end of Back Hamilton Avenue, horizontal with your first starting point!

Continue on zigzagging back and forward until you have completed the 8 reps.
Technique TIPS

Keep the body evenly distributed and set off with a forward lean to build momentum.

After the first couple of strides the forward lean will reduce to a standing running posture at around 20 metres – head relaxed and eyes focused ahead.

Push off leg folds towards tightly towards buttocks in a heeling motion – alternately the opposite leg should thrust forward and upwards.

Foot meets ground with ankles slightly extended – with the ball of the feet making contact with the floor.

Arms and hands should have an aggressive hammering action.

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