Best Green 10k


Distance: 9.66km


Leeds is one of the greenest cities in the UK, with most of us living within easy reach of a green space. This run is just under 10k and takes in three love green spots close to the city.

Route courtesy of Veggie Runners
Start at Hyde Park Corner and run clockwise around 3 sides, then run down Royal Park Road, then right on to Cardigan Road. Take a left on Kirkstall Lane then right at the lights on to Queenswood Drive.

Take a right on to Queenswood Road and this will bring you to the back of Beckett Park campus. Bearing left, run through the park, ending up on St Chad’s Drive and then out to Otley Road back towards town.

Turn left on to St Anne’s Drive then right on to Grove Lane. Run all the way along Meanwood Ridge to its end at Meanwood Road. Turn right on to Melville Place then right again on to Melville Road. This becomes Woodhouse Lane and leads all the way back to Hyde Park Corner.

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