‘Feel the Burn’ – Middleton Park

LS10 3TN

Distance: 1.73km


Beginning at Middleton Park Club House, take the left hand dirt track towards the main park path. When you reach the concrete path, turn left towards the Rose Garden. Go past the Rose Garden down the hill (over the speed bumps) until you reach the red junction sign. Follow the sign for the Visitor Centre to take the dirt track path to the right until it meets the concrete again. Keep going right and follow the bend round to the left up the hill to the band stand.

Turn right at the band stand towards the lake and keep to the path on the right. Take the next right turn at the far end of the lake back into the woods. Follow the path downhill until you reach another red junction sign. Follow the sign pointing left towards the Rose Garden and take. Once you reach the Rose Garden carry straight on down the hill. After the speed bump take the right turn up the steep dirt track then continue on the track back to the Club House.

This route is favourite of the South Leeds Girls Can run group
This 3k route (there and back) is tranquil, challenging and interesting!

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