River Aire, Armley Steps, and Bramley Falls


Distance: 12.74km

Elevation: 301ft


Starting at the entrance to Gotts park in Armley, this route is almost 13km of the Kirkstall Nature Valley Trail. Up through Bramley fall park and back.

Set alongside the River Aire it takes in the sights that the park, the river, and surrounding green areas have to give.

Not only does it provide a tour of the Armley/Kirkstall area, but also takes you past historical sites such as the Gotts park mansion, and Armley Park ‘killer’ steps. Armley (or Gotts) park, was originally owned by Benjamin Gott, who the park is named after. A prosperous cloth manufacturer. Before being bought by Leeds City Council. For more information about Gotts park and Armley steps take a look at the site.

Fancy pushing yourself further? Why not stop at the 161 Victorian steps at Armley Park and try out a few laps!


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