The Beeston Rollercoaster

LS11 8TH

Distance: 1.28km


‘A roller coaster of a ride’ you say? Yes, South Leeds Lakers very own run leader Ewan (Sancho) announced this to a group of 30 odd souls one cold Tuesday evening in Beeston. Hills are your friends he said! And… it was brilliant(ish)!

Starting on West View you are thrust into one of the steepest inclines that really prepares you for what is about to come – shock and awe! Following the 6 roller coaster hills in undulating fashion you are gradually rewarded for your extra efforts at the start with gradients that become flatter and shorter overall. This doozy of a route is an ideal training companion, building strength and stamina. If your not into that training malarkey then hit the slopes for some quick thrills – trust us!
– Just once isn’t enough? Ride the coaster 2-3 times to prove you have legs of steel!

– Fancy a go but you haven’t been running long? Combine a mixture of walking and jogging, we recommend a burst of pace up the hill and a stroll down it to recover.

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