Farsley Loop

LS28 5BB

Distance: 4.93km


Caroline, a Farsley Flyer run leader created this route during her return to running after a hiatus from the sport.

‘It’s one of my short fast routes in my exercise regime and is particularly good for training towards a running goal such as a 10k or half marathon. I aim to run the route in less than half an hour, it gives me the motivation to try better each time I do the route. What’s best is it doesn’t take too long, the barrier of a busy family life is something I have to manoeuvre every time I go for a run!’

‘Expect weaving and winding paths, up and down the hills of Farsley – you can’t get away from those here but tackling them has certainly improved my stamina!’
Game TIP

Set off all together! The route only ends when the first person catches up the last person en route, now that’s a challenge for even the best runners out there as mentally you’re always catching someone up!

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