Train station to Leeds Dock ‘scenic route’

LS16 6QY

Distance: 2.93km

Elevation: 13ft


Head out of the train station on Aire Street (this is also the pick up drop off point and short stay carpark, also known as the ‘Wetherspoons’ entrance and exit!).

Head straight across the road (take care here as this is one of the main taxi drop-off points!). Keep the towering glass offices to your right and head down the steps following the active Leeds footprints that mark the pavement/path and the waterfront trail. You will soon come to a pedestrian bridge – a striking tied steel arch called the Whitehall Bridge.

Cross over the bridge which takes you onto the Leeds Liverpool canal, make sure to turn left as you will head back towards the city under the train station. Keeping the canal to your right, follow this through the Wharf Approach over another bridge which will bring you up to a busy road which is Neville Street, stay on the pavement heading right and cross over these roads at the junction using the pedestrian crossing.

Across this road you should see a large Asda building. Normally you can follow the more direct pedestrianised route following the River Aire, with the Asda building to your right. However, at the time of creating this route there was a diversion! So follow the yellow signs which take you around the Asda building following the pavement alongside Great Wilson Street, then turning left to stay on the pavement adjacent Meadow Lane.

(When the diversion has gone I will be back to re-route this section!)

Once you reach bridge end, and you will see the Adelphi pub on the corner, cross over the road and head onto the attractive cobble stone street which is Dock Street. This will eventually become fully pedestrianised as it goes through Brewery Wharfe and another fine pedestrian bridge. Do not cross the bridge, but follow the signs to the Royal Armouries and Leeds Dock, keeping the River Aire to your left.

You will cross under a red iron bridge, or there is the choice of the tunnel – up to you, although I would advise the tunnel if you are on the tall side! Keep following this path and you will arrive at the stunning Leeds Dock, with the Royal Armouries Museum and the eye-catching yellow canary bar and cafe.

The map route takes you all the way to the museum entrance and the impressive square with cannons to boot –  here, you have reached your destination!

There is a more direct route back to the train station via Calls Lane.

Alternatively if you wish to walk, jog, run or cycle further you can continue along the trans pennine trail. See out armouries trans pennine route.


There are toilets and cafes in Leeds train station.

There is also a cafe and toilets in the Royal Armouries Museum, as well as a range of cafes, including North Star at Leeds Dock.

Arriving by Public Transport

Any train to Leeds Station for the start point.

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