Waterloo Lake


Distance: 2.64km


This route leaves the Lakeside Cafe and circumnavigates the Waterloo lake in a clockwise direction. The route is as flat as a pancake with a slight blend in terrain from pavement to trail (esque).

For those not wanting to get your shiny running sneaks dirty It is advised you try out a pair of old battered trainers on a wet day!

The Leeds Frontrunners regularly run this route on a Saturday morning and the Roundhay parkrun is in the same park – choices, choices!
Three miles north of Leeds city centre, Roundhay Park covers over 700 acres of rolling parkland, lakes, woodlands, formal gardens and contains several cafes including the Lakeside cafe which boasts sublime views over the lake. There is also the popular visitor attraction Tropical World and much more.

Find out more about the park here:

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