About Run Leeds

Run Leeds is a citywide not-for-profit project, initially funded by Sport England and Leeds City Council. We are now also proud to be part of the Swim, Bike, Run programme, which is part of Leeds 2023, Year of Culture.

The main aim of the project is to support the Leeds running community and make this as inclusive as possible. Whether you are yet to take that first step, you are new to running, have been running for years, or returning to running after a major life change. Run Leeds is here to support you. To help keep you running, walking, jogging or ‘jeffing’ – whatever life throws your way. 

There is still so much a project like this can achieve. If you have an idea, initiative, new group, event, story or anything else running related that you think we can support you with, then please do get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Breaking down barriers to running, being active and raising the participation of under-represented groups is a high priority for us. With other key focus areas around mental and physical health, active aging and promoting greener ways to get around. We aim to make running a sport that is diverse, accessible and more sustainable!

The Run Leeds website is a social platform that brings runners together, as well as a place to find advice, inspiration or information that you might need. We have a number of different pages devoted to articles, a range of running routes, local running events, resources (including our newsletter), as well as details on the many different types of running groups you can be part of across the city.

We also have a growing social media reach with our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. We love to update and share with you some of the amazing things happening in our Leeds run community.

So if you have something to share or a question to ask then please do get in touch. Any other ideas on how best to support and bring together our run community are most welcome. You can contact us through the website here  Contact | Run Leeds