Club of the month – Leeds Dock Running Club

Rachel Atherton

Name of Club

Leeds Dock Running Club

Club Information 

We meet on a Monday and Wednesday at 12pm, at Leeds Dock outside North Star Coffee shop. We cater for a a range of different abilities and there is something for everyone. We offer a range of different sessions from steady runs, hills and speed sessions.

How the club started

The club was started by John Fielding and began as a couch to 5k lunch time running group in January 2020. Due to success of the couch to 5k the group John decided to keep the running group going. Despite the difficult year with Covid-19 the group has gone from strength to strength, and still continues to draw in new runners. 

Interesting or fun fact/info about the club or its members

We are the first running club in the country to partner up with the British Heart Foundation. We recently supported World Heart Day by racking up as many steps by either walking or running as we could. 

Any major milestone / success stories  

We have established a partnership with the landlords of Leeds Dock, this has enabled us to have a meeting point created at Leeds Dock.  Looking to the future we are hoping to establish a beginner’s triathlon club in January 2021

How the club’s responded to covid-19

Due to limitations on numbers allowed at the sessions, we have started a Monday session to help give as many people as possible the chance to run. We have also just started our 4 weeks of  running lockdown challenge. The first challenges sees us pair up with a partner from Wharf Runners with the goal of running as many KM’s throughout lockdown. 

5 words to describe the club or club motto

We are a small, inclusive, friendly club with big aspirations.



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