Endure24 Essential Kit List

Chris Sumner

At Mizuno Endure24 you will see all sorts of runners, wearing all sorts of kit and quite a few fancy dress runners too! There will be everything from club runners in skimpy shorts and vests to full kit ultra-runners and everything in between. The only thing that matters is that you are comfortable in what you wear and that it works for you. If you are going to break the course record you will not be wearing much but if you are going for the 100-mile club you will want to be prepared.


For those people new to 24 hour running, solo or team the best advice we can offer is to bring every bit of kit you have and more. There are two areas to consider when compiling your kit list. The first is running kit, but equally important is welfare and making sure you have everything you need to recover and stay comfortable after each lap. We will touch on recovery, welfare and team organisation in the next article.


It’s important to have fresh kit each time you run and have the appropriate kit for the weather conditions and the time of the day or night. Even in the summer it can go very cold at night and the odd case of hypothermia is not unusual, usually due to people not changing out of wet kit and then continuing to run as the temperature drops. If the weather conditions are poor it’s especially important to have the kit to cope or it will be a miserable, cold and wet 24 hours.


Firstly as you will be running through the night think carefully about your head torch, they are compulsory at night. Do not be tempted to make do with a cheap hand torch or headlight. Head torches are measured in lumens and so the more lumens you have the brighter the path in front of you will be. Make sure it’s adjustable so you can focus the light just ahead of you lighting the path ahead and not the person in front or blinding everyone in the exchange area. Take a look at the Silva Trail Runner 2X for a good head torch without spending a fortune.


Shoes, bring all your running shoes, allow for the conditions underfoot to change. Have alternative pairs available in case your shoes start to rub or become wet and muddy due to poor conditions. Make sure not to bring new shoes, use shoes you regularly run in without a problem. Have a change of shoes for when you are not running.


Clothing – We have included a checklist below but allow a change of kit for each lap and warm, waterproof clothing for in between laps. Predict how many laps you will run when working out how much kit you need and then add a couple of laps because lots of people surprise themselves.



Running or running aids to bring:


  • Running Shoes – for all conditions and spares
  • Socks – you can never have too many, at least a pair a lap and some for in-between.
  • Tights – even if it’s warm during the day it may turn cold at night and they come in handy in-between runs.
  • Running vest – for hot weather conditions and comfort.
  • Short and long sleeve t-shirts/ base layers – layering is important.
  • Underwear – If you use running underwear then make sure you bring a few spares, your pants are not going to be that fresh or hygienic after 24 hour of running.
  • Breathable waterproof running tops.
  • Waterproof bottoms – some people walk laps and it may be helpful to stay completely dry.
  • Running bras – as many as you own, consider buying more and use well-fitting sports bra rather than a regular bra.
  • Compression socks if you use them or to aid recovery.
  • Ultra-vest/backpack/hydration backpack – used by regular ultra-runners to carry drinks and nutrition, don’t unless you regularly do. You can always use a hand bottle if you want to carry water. There is a feed (water) station at 5K and in the exchange area.
  • Hats/headwear for warmth and UV protection.
  • Safety pins and spares for your race number which you will have to swap from kit to kit.
  • Vaseline, blister pads or plasters and sunscreen.
  • Black bags for used kit and pegs to hang kit out to dry.
  • Towels to dry off after a run or shower.
  • Watch – to time laps but also to make sure you don’t miss your next lap.
  • GPS device to measure your distance/time for our Endure24 Strava Club.
  • If you run in fancy dress make sure you test it beforehand.



The Endure24 event is taking place on Saturday 1st July, sign up here:


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