Even Splits 5k Race Series

Neil Jones

Now I consider myself an Ultra runner by trade but every now and again I make a foray into the shorter distances. I am a big fan of parkrun and have completed many, but Ultra running and adventure is what really gets my juices flowing.


Having said that, I recently found out about a new innovative 5k race series happening on the cycling circuit at the new Brownlee Centre at Weetwood. I liked the sound of running on a purpose built road bike circuit which would be flat and traffic free. 


What is really great about this series of races is the inclusive nature. There is an – A race for runners with a 5k time of 22minutes and under, and a – B race for everyone who runs over 22 minutes. The event is put on in a really safe environment to compete, on a good course and something a little bit different. What’s not to like! There is even a gantry type bridge for spectators to cheer you on as you complete your 3 loops of the track.


Organisation was super slick and I arrived in good time to watch the B race which was won in a time of just over 20 minutes by John Imrie with the last runner coming home in 44 minutes. All the athletes stood together and cheered the last runner home, which was Mega!


8pm approached and we were called to the start line for the A race which I had entered. The atmosphere was great with lots of banter and laughs. The race started at a fantastically quick pace which I just went with to see what would happen.


The first lap was completed by running under the gantry bridge to lots of whooping and cheering 5.28 first mile. Now this is too fast for an old lad like me so I pulled back a little and enjoyed the race, stuck somewhere between a very fast front group and a big pack behind me. Lap 2, 6 minutes, that’s better I can breathe a little easier!! My friend was running around the course providing me with encouragement which gave me a real lift. Lap three got underway and I realised that actually this course is not flat – it’s a bit tough –  but by now the light was fading and the flood lights were on which gave a real “Diamond League Feel” to it all.  I am no Mo Farah but still, I pushed on hard and tried to retain my placing which I managed, but I did have some strong lads pushing me on.


Finish time 18 mins 08 sec. Very happy with that!


The race series goes on up until November. My hope is that they continue the series through the winter giving runners of all abilities a midweek focus and providing people with an opportunity to compete at such a unique event and setting.


Well done Even Splits


For more information about the Even Splits 5k Race Series. See here:


The next race is Wednesday 27th September 2017.




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