Fitter And Maybe Faster For 2017 – Join 12in12

Jane Tesseyman

From the very first time you decided to get out there and Run Leeds you challenged yourself every time you put your shoes on. Often it’s easier to look out, see the weather’s a bit miserable and stay in. But how often do you come back from a rainy run and feel on top of the world because you did? More often than not, I bet. So, you are not afraid of a challenge, even though the word challenge can sound a bit daunting! Did I hear you say you might want to get fitter and faster in 2017? Then what better way than setting yourself a challenge to help you achieve just that? 12in12 is for everyone.


The 12in12 challenge is to walk or run a timed event once a month for 12 months and record your achievements. It doesn’t matter if you choose to walk all of your events or if you want to progress from walking to running or if you are already an accomplished runner – 12in12 aims to help you stay motivated at your pace throughout the year. Your event could be a measured mile, a parkrun (free events all over the country) or even an ultra. You set your own 12in12 challenge so it doesn’t matter what your ability is or what distance you choose. You can mix & match or you might choose 12 parkruns and hope to improve your time over 12 months. It may be you start off by walking the parkrun with the aim to run eventually or perhaps you’re ready to step up from 10K to a half. There are also volunteer credits towards your 12in12 so, if you are injured you can still take part by volunteering. My 12in12 will be to do 12 volunteer roles this year.


12in12 will provide support and information, including training plans and info about all things running. When you join in our online community, in the closed Facebook group, is to share the trials and tribulations of running to encourage each other no matter what’s going on. The 12in12 qualified coaches can answer any questions you may have or point you in the right direction. We will also be out and about at events so we can meet up in real life. If you would like one of the 12in12 ambassadors to visit your Run Leeds group, please let us know by emailing You can tweet us @our12in12 mentioning @RunLeeds


To join the 12in12 challenge there are two subscription packages available on the website starting from just £10.00, you will then have access to your profile page to record your events and you can join the closed FB group to chat to other 12in12’ers. Everyone who completes their challenge will also get a 12in12 medal for year one. There will also be the opportunity to purchase your #uniquejourney t-shirt with a record of all your events and times on the back.


To sign up to the 12in12 challenge go to the website The challenge will go live in January 2017 although your profile will say month 1 from your sign-up date, we will change this at the beginning of January so we can all start the New Year together. After that anyone can join in & their 12 months runs from the sign-up date.



Happy running from Jane & Andy


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