Get Off The Sofa With The South Leeds Lakers

Mike Wallis

The South Leeds Lakers running club is inviting people who have never run before to come to a series of training sessions designed just for them. The ‘Couch to 5K’ (C25K) programme is a 9-week course of 30-minute exercise sessions which the Lakers is putting on free of charge to improve health in the community. Aimed at people who are recovering from injury, have not run for a while or have never run, the programme will be taught by fully trained run leaders who understand what it’s like to start from scratch.


The plan is to start off with small changes, where you do a lot of walking with a bit of jogging, and gradually bring in more jogging than walking, until at the end of the sessions you can run continuously for 30 minutes. People will have to do three sessions a week, one with the Lakers and two in their own time, but full instructions will be given as well as a free smartphone app from the NHS. You don’t need any special kit, just trainers and clothing you feel comfortable running in.


C25K has been proven to work around the world so don’t be put off by thinking you’re not fast or fit enough, the Lakers will be supporting you all the way.


Run Leader Mike Wallis said:


Running is a great way to improve your physical and mental health, and Couch to 5K will really help people get into the habit, learning how small changes make a huge difference


The programme will start on Tuesday January 10th from 6:45pm at the Co-Op on Beeston Road.


Interested people can sign up online at

… Or for more information pop along to the South Leeds Lakers every Tuesday at 7pm by the Co-Op.


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