How I got up and Running with the Leeds Frontrunners

Faye Bentley

As I write this piece I am reflecting on my journey with Leeds Frontrunners and just how far I have come. In May last year I saw an advert in the Equity Partnership, Bradford’s e – bulletin about a Couch to 5K run by Leeds Frontrunners, I showed it to my partner Kelly and she just laughed, a couple of weeks later she showed it to ME and said…


Shall we do this?


…and that is where it starts.


I had done a fair bit of running as a young person and I loved it but as I got older I found it difficult to get back into sport and find an activity that wasn’t in the sterile environment of the gym… anyway back to the very early Sunday morning in June where a few very anxious runners congregated outside the cafe at Roundhay Park to start the Couch to 5K Programme lead by Claire, Andrew and many other friendly Frontrunners. Kelly and I went to all six sessions starting off walking with a bit of running between trees and eventually taking part in the Woodhouse Moor parkrun Pride takeover that launched Leeds Pride at the beginning of August, even then I was still walking but I clocked my first PB and felt amazing.


Over the weeks I had got to know a few different people who ran for Leeds Frontrunners but as we had been meeting on Sundays I had only met a few, getting a coffee from Mandy’s van and talking to Matt dressed as an owl made me realise what a friendly and very inclusive group they are. I now go every Saturday and can run that 5K and more, feeling confident and knowing that there is always someone to run with however fast or slow you are makes 9am on Saturday really worthwhile.


Leeds Frontrunners have a points table and I am up there with the marathon runners in points due to a PB on the New Year’s Day parkrun and attending Saturday Club Runs, this has definitely brought out my competitive streak and in a moment of madness I have signed up for three! Yes, three 10k runs over the next few months and I am terrified but I know that my friends will be there to cheer me and support me right to the end.


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