Love and Running?

Rich Sadler

The Bee Gees once asked us “How Deep is Your Love?”


This got us thinking over at Run Leeds. We know that many of you will be spending the 14th of February wining and dining a loved one and (hopefully) avoiding a last minute panic dash to the garage to get some flowers! But what about those hardy souls who will be out running hill reps and sprinting intervals up and down the pavement because of their deep, burning love for running? What drives them to get out there in all weathers and at all times of the year to run?


We know there are many reasons and motivations which make us lace up the trainers and get out for a run. Many of these have been covered by our guest writers over the years. Kate started running for a hobby, for Jacob it’s an antidote to the pressure of exams while Nicky really dislikes running – that’s why he runs. Whatever the motivation, we’ve all been brought together as part of a community with running at the heart of it.


Although we all have running in common and are a part of that community, is it possible that some of us just love running a little bit too much? As Beyonce so aptly put it, are we “Crazy in Love”? Runners World identified 43 signs that suggest this could be the case. We particularly like reason number four – ‘You run past your house, down the road and back again to turn 9.9 miles into 10. Obviously’. We’ve all been there.


We know some runners have felt the runner’s high – an experience which many struggle to explain but thought to be a feeling of euphoria and calm. There’s many anecdotes about runners chasing this high and so maybe for many it’s more of a love affair with the feelings associated with running, rather than a love of the mechanics of the activity. This is summed up nicely by Jackie Wilson who famously sung “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher”. Who’d have ever thought this song was about chasing the runners high?


If your love for running does lead you to find yourself out hitting the trails or track this Valentine’s Day, why not give the Run Leeds Valentine’s mix a listen for some added inspiration. A mix of hip-hop, soul, disco and house all mixed perfectly by the Run Leeds resident DJ to help you through the hard yards.


We’ll leave you with this….after an extensive search we’ve found the perfect combination of love and running. Valentine’s parkrun takes place every Saturday morning in Ilford, East London. Admittedly a little short notice for this year, but Valentine’s day 2019?


We always want to hear about your running stories, tips and experiences. If you’d like to write for us then please get in touch via




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