More Than a Running Club

Ashley Grindrod

A solo girl one Thursday night.

Timid and quiet, not a familiar face in sight. 

Taking the plunge for better fitness and health. 

Yet to discover the greats of running for herself. 


Friendly characters, chatter, and a great deal of fun. 

Just 20 minutes in, knowing this was the one. 

A community spirit you cannot compare. 

No judgement, inclusive, a club like this is very rare. 


Returning every week, the enjoyment grew. 

Laughter, great friends, I met my life partner too. 

We entered races en masse, for me it started low key. 

Building up fitness, next thing i’m on a spending spree!


10km, half marathon, London ballot and more. 

Camping in a field, completing Endure 24. 

Always a laugh, sometimes a bevvy or two. 

Post race, pub quizzes, or at the annual doo. 


During lockdown, for many this club has been key. 

Yorkshire relay, #NotParkrun and Farsley monopoly. 

Bumping into other flyers when out and about. 

Exchanging an excitable smile, a wave and a shout!


Ever expanding, the club continues to grow. 

Faces young and old, they come and they go. 

But one thing that’s constant, and will always stand true. 

The Farsley Flyers are a family, the brotherhood in blue. 


The send home message… 

As daunting as it may seem. When new to exercise or even the area, joining a local running club could be one of the best decisions you make. The benefits are plentiful and the friends are for life!




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