Put Your Best Foot Forward… Social Running Arrives in Richmond Hill!

Rich Sadler

Having been hugely popular across the city so far, social running is about to arrive in Richmond Hill. Hundreds of people have already taken to the streets, parks, footpaths and roads across Leeds as they get caught up in the hype that social running is causing!


Whether you’re looking to de-stress, get active or simply make some new friends over a coffee and a piece of cake, social running could be for you!


Social running groups provide an environment where you are able to come and run, whatever your motivation might be. You don’t need any running experience or expensive kit – just the will to come along and get involved. Absolute beginners can run alongside seasoned runners – all brought together by the simple art of putting one foot in front of the other.


John (pictured above) from East Leeds, was an absolute beginner who could barely run 50 yards before becoming breathless and frustrated. Now 6 months on he runs three times a week and can regularly be seen running around Richmond Hill. This was kick-started by John linking up with a Run Leeds volunteer leader in East End Park.


When asked what he enjoyed most about running, he replied:


The freedom, the fresh air and mostly the feeling of accomplishment when you achieve your goal


Different routes each week will take you to all corners of Richmond Hill and varied sessions will help to keep things fresh and exciting. All the sessions will be led by fully qualified run leaders so you’ll be in good hands!


There are two weekly social running groups starting in Richmond Hill. One on Mondays at 9am, meeting at Richmond Hill Primary School café and the other on Wednesdays at 1.30pm, meeting at East End Park tennis courts.


Feel free to attend one or both groups and drop in and out as you like – we’ll be there ready to run with you. The choice is yours!


Oh, and best of all, they’re both completely FREE to attend and always will be!   


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