Running For Skye

Aaron McMillan

Nearly 300 people from all walks of life joined together at Middleton Park this weekend to run for Skye and raise money for cancer charities.


The charity 5K run, which was put together fantastically by Skye’s  Grand Parents Amelia and David Sockett, who support the charities Delete Blood Cancer UK and Candlelighters. The event managed to raise approximately £2000 for these charities from tickets sales for the event, fund raising, raffles and t-shirt sales. Even people passing through the park were placing donations into the bucket when they saw the group set up at the band stand.


What made the event perfect was that baby Skye herself made an appearance later on in the day. She was joined by her parents Amie Mills and Damion Sutcliffe, and her two older brothers Riley and Harvey. Cousins, uncles, aunties, nieces and nephews were also there, to support Skye.


Amelia told me that Skye is doing really well: ‘Skye has been running around like a loony, running and stomping. She’s got her sparkle back in her eye. We have our cheeky pie back.’  This is fantastic to hear; especially that just over a month ago Skye could barely walk and was on constant morphine.


The sight around the park during the run was something to behold. Olaf, Harry the Hawk, kids dressed as superheroes, parents pushing kids in prams, teenage girls, experienced runners, a rugby team and even two pregnant women, were the highlights as the participants completed the 5K run around the park.


All these people had their own reasons for running. Some were to support the family, others because of the causes and some who knew someone that had been affected by cancer.


It also had a knock on effect, Sheila who was new to running stated: ‘I will definitely be doing more running from now on. I’ve really enjoyed myself today, and hope to push on.’


An exhausted but ecstatic Amelia spoke to me and couldn’t hide her joy: ‘So amazing, I can’t believe it. I’m overwhelmed with everyone coming together.’


I was also able to speak to Rebecca Wilson, who is the National Funding Manager for Delete Blood Cancer UK. She has been working closely with the family since Skye was diagnosed. She praised the family: ‘They don’t just want to raise money, they want to raise awareness. I wouldn’t have missed today for the world.’


Family and friends have given everything, to not only support Skye, but to also raise the awareness of this disease. Their work to collect money to fund these charities who are trying to eliminate this illness is something they should look on with great pride.



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