South Leeds Can Run… The Re-Launch!

Dani Penney

You may have already read my first and second musing on leading the South Leeds Girls running group. What prompted me to write you another is the exciting news of  the South Leeds Can Run group re-launch!


So we’ve just had week fourteen of our run group and the re-launch of our new structure. We have a whopping total of 49 women registered, plus the lovely ladies of the South Leeds Sisters. The age range is 9-65 years…wow! So, you might ask, what have we got to offer YOU?


There are now four different groups for you to choose from. We have: a walking group; walk/jog group; jogging with the intentions of improving distance/speed and finally, an advanced running group for those who can already run and want a challenge. Providing opportunities for all levels of fitness and creating a fun and social atmosphere with like-minded women is at the heart of our focus.


Not convinced? Here are some quotes from some of our Leeds Girls Can women…


I just wanted to you know how much I enjoy your sessions. I’m finally learning how to run properly and pace myself after a couple of years trying to self-teach. My confidence is growing every week and it’s motivating me to get out more and try different things (like your bike rides!) So thank you


Brilliant, friendly running group for beginners or returners! Been a few times & I’m loving it – everyone makes you feel welcome & Dani is a great motivator!


As always a great bunch of ladies who always encourage each other – we may be slow but we are faster than the sofa – and it’s a great laugh – (even if we do moan) love every painful minute


The new venue is also suiting us well. Chit chatting to the ladies prior to/after sessions is part of what makes my job so enjoyable. We have car parking and toilet facilities available so no need to panic about the logistics, we have it covered.


If you want to join us, we meet inside the old club house in Middleton Park (LS10 3TN). Warming up is always interesting, I get to suss out the women who are already pumped with energy and the ones who need me to be “Miss Motivator” to get them in the mood. Luckily, I’m a pretty good motivator so by the time we set off for our main session we’re all ready to charge!


I love leading the sessions with Holly (the leader from the South Leeds Sisters). We also have a number of qualified run leaders within our teams who give up their time to lead a different ability group making it more accessible and inclusive for all abilities!


I get the feeling that quite a few facial expressions scream – “I don’t want to hold anyone up”. Well this week a lady said, “I don’t feel under any pressure and can go at my own pace”. Let’s face it, we women tend to have a lot of “off days” so at least now there’s the opportunity to pick your ability group that matches your personal expectation that particular day!  


As I said, our main focus is the social aspect and meeting new people. Not all of our women like running, but they do it because the support from the others gets them through and they feel good afterwards.


When it comes to promotion I have barely had to do a thing! Thanks to our chitty chatty women, they did the work for me through word of mouth and social media. I am so grateful for the efforts our ladies produce each week and the extra help they give with promoting sessions. If you’d like to get in touch, please feel free to add me on Facebook: ‘Dani Penney Leeds Girls Can’.



Join In. Do It. Have Fun: #leedsgirlscanrun


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