Summer Running

James Staunton

So as the summer nears to an end,  grab the last remnants of what’s left, and mull over why  running in the (supposed) heat ain’t half bad!


  • The weather – hopefully it should be warmer. This means you don’t have to don the Rocky tracksuit and hoodie combo for every trip out. This means that running simply seems more attractive and is more enjoyable. Clothing becomes less of a concern as does running gear, you can run on dried earth and dry concrete with less worry about slipping up. Seasonal warning – watch out for Frisbees in parks, they take flight at this time of year and aren’t as noticeable as the usual football game.


  • More people find running attractive – not only will running clubs swell with members, you are also more likely to get a friend to accompany you when they look out the window critically when you suggest a run. Perhaps challenge yourself and take the trainers on holiday and go for a run along the beach.


  • More daylight (could arguably still come under weather but shush) – Perhaps the most valuable part of these months is the longer days. The old phrase of “I wouldn’t run through there at night” gets postponed as you can still comfortably go for a run at 9 in the evening without needing to make any adjustments for running at night.


  • Running events – 10ks, Half Marathons, Race for Life, Triathlons, even Colour Runs are events that I can’t quite imagine being a thing in the drizzle (because the paint would begin to run – the pun was unavoidable).  With these events you get a chance to test yourself, or if you aren’t ready, set yourself a goal of building up over the year for the event of your choice and you too could have a Facebook photo with a medal and a sweaty space blanket to show the denizens of the internet.


Some purists may complain about ‘fair weather runners’ but it is fantastic to see more people out and about getting fit and enjoying the sunshine. Also if you add in the other sports that people play in the weather everyone should be in better shape than usual. So even if you have not been running recently, there is no better time to start then a nice summer’s afternoon to enjoy the outdoors and strengthen that beach body.


P.S. We firmly believe that everyone has a body that becomes a beach body when placed on a beach. Exercise is for health and enjoyment and not to build towards some supposed sandy, sun-kissed ideal that is recommended by a news-stand.


P.P.S. Running doesn’t have to remain a regular pursuit only in summer! Why not join your nearest running group and run with others to keep yourself motivated throughout those long winter months ahead




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