Why Should you Join a Running Club?

James Crabtree

I have compiled a list of some of the best reasons why you should consider joining a running club


 1.You will have a coach. Do you know how your training should change during the week? When entering a team of runners you will have an expert who, based on your physical condition, general health, goals and abilities, will help you settle in and find your feet.


2.You will meet people. Do your friends say that you’re crazy because you run? Did you try to get your friends to feel the same passion as you for running and did not get it? If what you want is for someone to understand why running is your life and, besides, to train with you, a team of runners is the ideal place. Everyone loves to run, so you can make friends who like the sport as much as you do and, you do not have to beg them to run with you! They will also be an incentive to try to overcome your limits. They will encourage you in the hardest moments of training!


3.Stimulate your mind. It’s okay if you love that lonely moment, after all, running helps you to meditate on your problems and deal with them more wisely, but running in company stimulates your creativity because you can share and exchange your ideas with others.


Benefits of joining a Running Club


Clubs are one of the main pillars of a sports community. A source of knowledge, advice and good practices that can help you improve your discipline. Belonging to a team of runners, especially if it has a certified trainer, brings to your journey important physical and mental benefits that will help you run better. If you are considering joining one, we leave you a list of the points that we believe play in favour of this decision.


1. – Find a club that moves in your direction. There is a competitive spirit, which only meets on weekends to add kilometres. Those who focus more on physical fitness. Those who support you the best in the first steps. The experienced ones that can take you to conquer your next level. Investigate and test the club. Many have “free trials”, one or two weeks where you can analyse how well you fit.


2. – They help you discover new routes and trails. Yes, we know that thanks to Google Maps you can find many new routes, but sometimes the experience of the runners is much more important, especially when it comes to details that can not be seen on a satellite map, or in the metrics of a digital output. Clubs can be a living collection of roads you have not yet explored.


3. – If you are looking to improve your performance, they are an excellent place. If you want to improve your level of competition, there are clubs with super focused coaches in that category that will not give you respite and will ensure that the whole group achieves its goals. The best way to find these clubs is to go asking and researching the profile of the coaches to understand if it relates to your hunger for competition and so do not get frustrated. Since there are many clubs with very different goals.


4. – The fellowship is something that comes hand in hand with a club membership. In group outings, you will always have one or more following you, if you go last you will not be left behind for a long time.


5. – You will develop skills that will allow you to be a better athlete, even if your own goal is just for recreation. Coaches and experienced peers can be a box full of good advice when training: how to behave on a track, how to perform the reps, how to follow a platoon, how to attack a climb, etc.


If you’ve ever tried running alone you know it can be difficult to get the motivation to go out and exercise. A running club is the perfect way to commit to running regularly. If you are new to running, it pays to consider joining a running club. Running clubs are exactly what they sound like: organisations for those people who are interested in running. Clubs are also a great way to find running partners to run with outside of club sessions. So always check the local public bulletin boards, give it a try and join the best running club which suits you. A list of running clubs in Leeds can be found HERE.


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