You MUST Run Everyday – The Marcothon Challenge

Anne Akers

This is how it goes, I’m running every day in December. Yup, that includes Christmas Day and Boxing Day and, come to think of it, the day of the firm’s do and the day after, so I won’t be drinking, then. It’s not far, 25 minutes, or 5km, whichever comes first. Seriously, if I could break the-25minute 5km, I’d have a magnificent parkrun PB and probably break the age category record while I’m at it.


This crazy challenge is an international one, with thousands of people signed up to Marcothon. The beauty is, it’s free (well, I’m from Yorkshire so I’d appreciate that), there’s no sponsors to find (see previous comment) and you can do it when you want, providing it’s some time during each day. There’s no charts to fill in, though you can make one if you want (I won’t, I’m using my Advent Calendar for reference and rewarding myself with the chocolate).


Marcothon is the idea of husband and wife team Marco and Debbie Consani, who wanted to set themselves a bit of a challenge to get out at run on the dark days of December, they asked a few mates, then it all went viral.


For me, it’s all about motivation. I just trained for and completed a gruelling trail half marathon on the Gower peninsula down in South Wales on the wettest and windiest day of the year so far. I’m pretty sure we saw someone building an ark. So I needed a new challenge, something a little easier and hopefully drier, something I could do in my lunchtime if necessary.


I’ve not always been this keen to get my running shoes on, in fact I first put them on just eight years ago, after being encouraged by a friend. Everyone should have a friend who encourages them to do something they’ve not done before. At the age of 48, I’d not run by choice since school and had no intention of so doing had it not been for my friend’s persuasiveness, I mean at that age, surely I should be seeking out slippers rather than slipping on the lycra. But as I say, my friend is VERY persuasive.


So from not being able to run at all without collapsing and expiring after 100 metres I’ve clocked up 150 parkruns, numerous 10kms and 10-milers, am ticking off half marathons and serious fell runs, I say serious, they’re pretty serious for me, even if I do come last.


And here’s my point. Anyone can run, and I mean anyone. All you need is a will and a way and maybe a friend who will give you that extra encouragement. Or maybe a challenge that’s do-able and doesn’t cost anything. Why not join me on the Marcothon? You’ll be glad you did!



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