Canal Canter

LS13 2ER

Distance: 6.57km


The canal canter is a great route for a runner that wants to be kept on their toes! The change in scenery and gradient is sure a way to enhance the visual senses and push you physically through your paces…
Leaving the main street adjacent to the entrance of Bramley Park you will take a right onto Broad Lane before veering off onto your second left. Follow Newlay Road down the hill crossing the Leeds & Bradford onto Pollard Lane – the journey is largely downhiil until you reach the canal. Take a right and begin running along the canal towards Rodley soaking up the wonderful scenery; you will come off the canal at the second footpath bridge making a U-turn towards Bramley on the A657 – conserve some energy ready for 3 vertical challenges! The first one is Coal Hill lane, a punishing treat if you love hills. Once you have hit the crest of this one take a left onto Broad Lane (your second hill but a piece of cake by now!) travelling up Broad Lane the last challenge will come as you hit the corner of Bramley Park – rinse those last 50 odd steps before cruising home to the cenotaph!

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