Kirkstall Climber


Distance: 2.03km


Starting at the bottom of Haddon Road you will run the first hill set, meeting the junction at the top of the road you will turn left and take Haddon Avenue down to the bottom of Kirkstall Road. The second down section of the hill is a chance to recover and recuperate. Repeat this 4 times before crossing Bankfield Road to the left above Burdett Terrace.

Rejoin the climb down to Kirkstall Road on Barnbrough Street and finish the final 2 sets of uphill stretches. You will notice that the gradient and difficulty gradually increases as you approach the final few hills.
You can detract or add on as many sets as you like based on your ability and fitness levels.

The trick to conquering a hill effectively is to gently lean into it without losing flexibility at your hips and preventing that all important knee drive during the swing phase of your gait!

Route courtesy of Burley Beginners

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