Middleton Park Golf Course

LS10 3TN

Distance: 4.25km


Since the demise of Middleton Golf Course the pinging sound of golf balls zipping off a tee is seldom heard anymore. In its wake the course has turned into a new open space for walkers and runners alike. This route is nestled among the woods of Middleton Park and is a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the inner city. Enjoy!

The grass and terrain can be hard going on the feet so we’ve rated accordingly!
Don’t fancy doing all of the 18 holes? Stick to a round of 9 and work your way up to a full 18!

Try mixing up the running with some core strengthening exercises such as jumping every bunker or setting yourself a different challenge at every hole – crunches, planking, sit ups, press ups… you decide!

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