Middleton Park Tram Line Trail

LS10 3RN

Distance: 2.7km


Like a roller-coaster this one is full of drops and climbs. The route sticks to a warn trail (commencing off the path just down from the cafe) only deviating from it after crossing a small footbridge at the bottom of the first significant drop – you will veer off to the left dropping down this first hill.

Running up the hill directly ahead after the footbridge crossing you will find yourself breaking through into a field clearing. Take a right and follow the trail through a break in the woods, you will begin to drop back down the impending hill ahead, once at the bottom turn left and join the Middleton Tram Line.

Follow the old line alongside the edge of the park and take the second step of steps ahead of you. Once at the top you will need to turn left onto the pavement path heading anti-clockwise back to the cafe!
The Middleton Railway,founded in 1758, is the oldest continuously working railway in Britain. You can find the start of this railway by a defunct platform adjacent to the Middleton Tram line, of which this route covers!

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