Richmond Hill Via The River Aire


Distance: 4.31km


Starting in the corner of East End Park, head out onto East Park Parade and follow the road around the sharp left corner towards Pontefract Lane. At the mini roundabout head right onto Cross Green Lane. Stay on this road until you have passed St Hilda’s church and have reached the zig-zagging footpath on your left that will take you down to the main road. Once here take the series of pedestrian crossings so you can get across to the A61 and then continue on the flyover over the river Aire.

Once over the river the pavement will lead you down to a roundabout underneath the A61. Turn right at this roundabout and head along Clarence Road towards Leeds Dock. Turn right onto Armouries Drive and at the first left hand corner go straight on, onto the footpath which will take you to the river Aire. Upon reaching the river take a left and head alongside the water towards Leeds City Centre. (Take a moment if you like to enjoy the peacefulness of your surroundings!).

Continue along the river passing the footbridge and onto Armouries Way. Soon after, take a right onto Crown Point Road and head back over the river Aire. Take a right onto the A61 and head back towards Richmond Hill, crossing the road at one of the pedestrian crossings. Bear left onto the A63 before taking a left onto Cross Green Lane. Take another left shortly afterwards by the café on the corner onto Easy Road. Continue on Easy Road until you reach the junction just past Leeds Auto Centre. Take a left hand turn onto East Park Parade and finish where you started at the corner of East End Park.
Big green parks, busy industrial areas, the peace and quiet of the river Aire and the vibrant city centre – some of Leeds’ best bits captured in one short run route!

Interesting fact… Leeds Dock has played an integral part in the city of Leeds’ history. Constructed in 1843, it was originally a thriving dock for boats shipping goods to and from Leeds city centre. It was primarily used to bring coal from the colleries around Rothwell and Wakefield to supply heavy industries in Hunslet and business and commerce in Leeds!

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