St James


Distance: 4.27km


Starting off on St Louis Street you will run ahead towards Roundhay road before navigating the busy Roundhay Road junction. Take Bayswater Road and climb the hill before you reach Harehills Road – take a right and follow the road round past the Thackeray Museum. You will find yourself on Beckett Road passing the grand university hospital on your right.

Once past the Fountain Head (ideal for a refreshment) on your left you will meet the corner of Rectory Street, follow the road and gradient down to the junction of Stamford Street before taking a right onto Roseville Road – a long stretch of flat running! At the end cross Roundhay Road and take a left onto Leopold Street, this is your final stretch of the route.

Looking for a day out and a dose of Leeds history? The grade two listed building that houses the Thackeray Museum is well worth a visit, whether your a fan of Victorian architecture or interested in medical history.

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