The Roundhay Hippo


Distance: 8.13km

Elevation: 176ft


This fun, 5-mile route goes through the residential streets of Roundhay and Moortown and should make the shape of the Roundhay Hippo.

The route is an all-pavement 5 mile / 8 km run through the residential streets of the Roundhay-Moortown areas. Mainly flat but with a 1-km long incline up Harrogate Road to the Street Lane junction.


Start at the junction of Park Lane/Street Lane and head down Street Lane for 100 yards, then take the first turn right down Old Park Road. Go past the tennis courts on your left, cross over Lidgett Park Road and up past the allotments on your left.

Take the first turning right onto North Park Road: it’s a dead end for cars but for pedestrians you can get through onto The Avenue, where you will turn right. Head slightly downhill for 100 yards or so until you get to Lidgett Park Road and turn left. You’ve just completed the back leg of your hippo 🙂

Run along Lidgett Park Road and take the second left onto Lidgett Place. Head to the junction with The Drive and turn right. At the junction with Lidgett Lane, turn right, heading gently downhill until you get to Moor Allerton Hall Primary School. The front leg of your hippo is now complete 🙂

Turn left onto Allerton Grange Avenue, going downhill, with Gledhow Valley Woods on the left, until you reach Gledhow Valley Road. Uphill now 🙂

Turn right and head uphill until you reach Harrogate Road where you turn right again and continue uphill past the Immaculate Heart church and the parade of shops, Sainsburys, Cliffs Hardware etc.

Hippo ear drawing coming up now… At the traffic lights at the Moortown Corner junction, you need to turn right onto Street Lane, run about 50 yards, cross over the road and then head back to the traffic lights, turn left onto Harrogate Road, run about 50 yards, cross over the road and then head back to the same traffic lights at Street Lane where you will turn left.

From here it’s a nice flat 2km run back along Street Lane to where you started. Make sure to finish your hippo with a flourishing tail by running along Park Lane for 50 yards and then doing some zigzags across Park Lane (watch out for any traffic) before stopping your tracker.

Congratulations, you should now have drawn a fantastic hippo on MapMyRun!

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