Flyers and Breezers join the UK Athletics Family

Ben Fraser

Since the Run Leeds online HUB was launched just under two years ago the Leeds running scene has welcomed the South Leeds Lakers and the Leeds Frontrunners into the world of club running.


Now, in the last week, both the Bramley Breezers and Farsley Flyers have officially joined the UK Athletics family. The two clubs have rose rapidly from small beginnings as social running groups and continue in their ascendancy as they reach this next milestone.


Driven by a body of passionate volunteers, both clubs have had a contributing factor in the success of local events such as parkrun and GO TRI triathlon. They have played a part in reinvigorating running in the west of the city!


The volunteer base of both clubs amounts to over 30 people, who undertake an array of roles, including: run leading, coaching, guide running for the visually impaired, mental health awareness and club ambassadorial duties.


The depth and breadth in this volunteer body is testament to the ongoing commitment of both clubs to provide a dual supportive environment; in the social and physical sense.


By the end of 2016 over 500 new runners had joined the two clubs. Of these 141 were doing no physical activity (on registering) and over 100 were new to the sport. The Breezers and the Flyers should be proud that their outreach is tapping into new networks of people, unexposed to what running with others has to offer!


Beginning with your participation you join a community. By continuing to take part you build friendships and reap the physical benefits of running. Further down the line this part of your life can help rebuild and transform yourself in times of difficulty. It can raise your confidence levels, help fight an illness, support a loved one achieve something remarkable or help overcome a barrier that’s been holding you back – this is the power of running and the power of people!


Reflecting on small beginnings it was never clear what the future would hold for both groups. At this present moment they both reaffirm that a social running environment, which is free to access, encompasses the essence of what they do – it’s why they started running and will remain a priority.


The Breezers and Flyers are becoming a club to provide more choice to its runners, including access to more events via the athlete affiliation, these include: PECO, West Yorkshire Cross Country and Track and Field League and the equivalent on the fells. Not forgetting the £2 off race entries perk!


On the same plain the Flyers are planning on becoming a race event organiser, with a focus on providing social fun runs – keep an eye out for their first outing with Country Trail Races on the 9th August. 


As the next chapter begins for each club I want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to everyone involved, past and present, participants and volunteers. Without you all this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you.


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