How to Beat Resistance

Robert Marshall

Resistance, or procrastination is something we experience on a daily basis, whether it’s starting on a new project or going for a run. If you are anything like me it strikes just when you finally get up to do something, suddenly every distraction in the world shows up.


“I’m a bit thirsty, just a quick drink…”

“Maybe I should check Facebook…”

“Oh, it’s too late now, I’ll go for a run tomorrow”


Even if you come up with an excuse that seems legitimate to you, you are still not running!


The concept behind resistance is a simple one, the brain is anticipating what is new, different, or difficult, with the aim of keeping us comfortable, gives us the easy option. For many of us we have practiced this routine so many times that it is hardwired and strengthened to become the default setting.


To break out of the resistance loop you need to K.N.O.W Your Resistance.


  1. Know resistance is inevitable. It’s always going to occur, don’t take it to heart.


  1. Notice it. As soon as you start making yourself aware of resistance in your day you can create distance between it and yourself.


  1. Open to the experience of it. How does it feel? When you recognise the feeling associated with it, and the type of thoughts you feel when experiencing it you can focus on how to move away from it.


  1. Whack it! (Or “Welcome it and Let it Go” if you’re feeling compassionate). As soon as you are aware of the resistance you may feel disconcerted. Resistance keeps you in your safe zone. Understand why you are feeling this way and push past it.


This process helps understand where resistance is being introduced into your life, but a simple solution to the problem is to get up and go. By allowing procrastination to complete its cycle over and over only strengthens its hold on you. Every time you push back you allow yourself to achieve more and more.


Maybe create a set of rules. No Facebook before a run, once those shoes are on you can’t sit down! Anything to help you get out of the door!


Whatever you do, don’t leave it until tomorrow!



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