Pretty Muddy – Pretty Marvellous!

Caroline McCourt

This was a race that I can only describe as a true bonding session. In fact, this was not a race, it was a morning jaunt with your girly friends.


The scene – a beautiful setting on a glorious morning, what more could one ask for? Well throw in a bit of mud, or, a lot of mud, lots of laughter and plenty of fun. This run has no limits and is suitable for any willing female of any shape or size to participate.


I must admit it’s one of the few organised run events I have enjoyed. I often question myself as to why I enter races as I always feel I put too much pressure on myself, as a consequence I don’t sleep well the night before, and have major issues around what I should be eating so I’m fuelled and ready – to be honest that’s no fun at all!


Pretty Muddy is different; it’s about coming together with friends and enjoying the experience together, no personal bests to achieve, just a mutual understanding from each other that you will do this as a team, run the course, and help each other along the way.


I ran with two very different friends who both run very different speeds. I guess I’m somewhere in the middle where speed is concerned. I’m off again with that competitive race head, and really there is no need. Our morning out was most enjoyable, we were all excited.


On arrival it was clear that the organisation of the event was flawless and due to the venue being so large it did not feel crowded at all. There was plenty of room for the family to come along, support, and cheer folk on. With lots of staff on hand to give guidance and answer queries we were left sure of what would come next – everyone was really friendly!


The warm up before the event got everyone motivated! I think it’s the first time I’ve done a mini aerobics session before a race, no chance I’d of been doing that in your bog standard 10k – far too much energy would have been lost! But, on this occasion I was more than happy to participate while having a good old grapevine to my heart’s content.


The race started on time, we went in allotted time slots to manage the numbers; again this was all done in a smooth manner. Once off and running, we just embraced what was ahead of us, cargo nets, mud, water hoses, muddy buckets, tyres to climb through, and very few running straights, curves and bends and yes you guessed more mud! It’s safe to say a shower is truly needed at the end of this race!


The three of us made our way round, not worried about time, more worried about how much more mud we could smear upon each other – such an attractive look! The final obstacle, the giant mud slide was great, even if my friends came off lightly in the mud department. I seemed to end up in a dip at the end where all the mud had pooled, what can I say – I wanted to win at being the muddiest!


A whole lot of fun!



Pretty Muddy ‘Top Tips’

  • Take plenty to drink to prevent any dehydrated, you will be moving in ways you thought you couldn’t!
  • Take a towel to sit on in the car on way back.
  • Don’t wear your best running gear and certainly not your best running trainers (seriously when I got home I just stood in the shower fully clothed with trainers on before even attempting to shower the usual way!).




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