Running in bad weather

Rachel Atherton

As I’m sure you’re well aware we have been experiencing some rather wet and windy weather recently – thanks storm Ciara and Dennis!

Although unpleasant, the wind and rain doesn’t necessarily mean that you should retreat inside and avoid going out running. However, with that being said just remember that if the conditions are extreme you shouldn’t put yourself in any danger, and a run can always be re-scheduled.

The correct clothing and preparation can make a huge difference in terms of keeping you warm, dry and protected from the elements. We’ve put together a few hints and tips that you might find useful.



When it’s cold and you’re going out for a run your first thought might be to pull on a big jumper or coat, but as soon as these become wet they will become heavy and will weigh you down.

Instead, think about layering up. You can start off by feeling warm and take off the layers as and when you need to. Try and avoid cotton and opt for a good base layer that is moisture wicking and breathable instead.


Waterproof Jacket

A good waterproof can be a life saver when the rain is lashing down. There are lots of different ones to suit a range of different budgets and requirements, so it’s worth looking around to find one that’s right for you.

Some things to consider are looking to find one that’s actually waterproof- there is a difference between water resistant, water repellent and waterproof! Some thing else to consider is a jacket that is also windproof.


Bright visible clothing

Often the wet and windy weather means low light so it’s important to make sure that you can be seen when out running. Opt for a waterproof jacket that has some reflective feature, or consider wearing a high – viz bib.


Rotate trainers

With the rain comes puddles – many puddles! It can be hard to avoid these at times but having a few different pairs of trainers in rotation is always handy. If one pair becomes wet you have a dry pair to put on for your next run. Let’s face it there is nothing worse than wet shoes!

Lots of shoe companies now also do a water repellent shoes so this is something to consider.


Running Socks

Combine the puddles, with wet shoes, soggy cotton socks and you have the perfect recipe for a blister!

If you don’t already own a good pair of running socks then investing in a decent pair can make all the difference in blister prevention. Try and avoid a cotton pair as when they get wet they will absorb the water. Look for some that are moisture wicking and prevent rubbing.


Drying and cleaning your shoes

When your trainers and soaked through it can be easy to think that the best idea is to put them straight on the radiator to dry out. Be careful if doing this as the direct heat can cause the trainers to warp and shrink in size. Instead try stuffing them with newspaper to draw the water out and place them near to the radiator – not directly on, or air dry.

Putting your shoes in the washing machine is also not the best idea. It can cause damage to that fancy foam cushioning and reduce the shoes effectiveness. Resorting back to the old trustworthy scrubbing brush and bucket is often your better choice!


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