Running With Safety In Mind

Ben Fraser

We have compiled a list of 8 safety tips to consider before heading out for your next run. Do you have any routines that could be added to the list? Let us know in the comments below…



Never Assume You’re Seen (On Road)

Radio, mobiles and sat navs are just several examples of tech gadgets that can consume the attention of a modern day driver. Consider when running that a driver has not seen you until eye contact has been made, don’t take a chance until you’re given the right of way to cross the road.



High Vis

In the dreary, dark and bleak winter months it is really sensible to kit yourself out in high visibility reflective clothing. The benefits of being noticed from distance is far more important than becoming conscious of looking like an extra from an 80’s electro pop video. I’ve seen some really cool flashing disco lights as of late – ravey!



Run Facing Traffic

This is easier than bending your neck to observe what is going on behind you, particularly when you get to busy road intersections.



ICE Number & Medical Info

If running alone carry an ‘In-case of Emergency’ contact number, you can get these easily printed on a wristband or a tag, but make sure they are visible in the worst case scenario that a passer-by has to come to your aid, then your nearest and dearest can be contacted immediately. These tags can also give emergency services critical information about your health – lifesavers!




Music is certainly a motivator for a lot of people (including myself) when it comes to running and getting into a rhythm. Let’s be sensible, if your route is busy and populated with cars and pedestrians (think rush hour times) it’s worth leaving the music at home to attune your ears to the sounds of the streets.



Take your Phone

A lot of people I run with carry a phone – It combines as a GPS tracker to monitor your run and is always there if you need to make an important call.



Run with a Friend

In an idealist running world we would always run with a friend, someone to motivate and support us! On those challenging, long and gruelling runs make it a priority to go with a running partner.



Self Defence Classes

Leeds had a string of attacks on female runners along the Leeds and Liverpool canal in June of this year. One of the victims fought her way out of the attackers grip. It would not be over-hyped to say that equipping yourself with self-defence techniques to be used in appropriate situations is a wise move – especially if you frequently run alone.



A directory of self-defence classes in Leeds can be found here:


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