Winter Running

Jonathan Midwood

Winter is tough time to keep training especially if you are new to running.  When the temperature outside drops and it gets dark earlier, lacing up your running shoes might be the last thing you feel like doing.  Here are some helpful tips to keep you motivated and running throughout the winter months.


Dress appropriately for the cold


One of the most important things is to dress sensibly for the temperature by wearing layers. A base layer, an item worn under a thicker garment is ideal for keeping the heat in.  They’re not always that expensive but they are great for keeping your natural body warmth in. 


The colder it is the more layers you need. This is where a lightweight fleece or, if it’s windy or raining, a light waterproof jacket comes in. We have found that this layer, if you get too hot, can be taken off so you can tie it around your waist. This means that it is also handy if it starts to rain, but not too cumbersome to carry if you get too hot. 


A pair of leggings, running tights or some tracksuit bottoms will keep your legs warm ideal for both men and women.


Next a pair of gloves and a hat or fleece headband are a good idea in cold weather to stop you losing heat from your head and hands. Through experience we have found that hands are the things that get coldest first and no matter how much you pull your sleeves down there is no better way of keeping warm than with a pair of gloves.


Stay safe – be seen


If like us, you are working in a job that means that you have to be there to work during the core hours of the day, 9-5, then you may go running before or after work during the winter and it’s more than likely you’ll be running in the dark.


When running after dark, it’s essential that you’re visible to other people, particularly motorists. You may be able to see the cars etc but can they see you? Your clothes, especially the top layer, should be reflective or a bright/light colour, such as white or fluorescent yellow. Don’t wear dark clothes.


Safety wise stick to well-lit areas and avoid running anywhere you don’t feel completely safe.  The more light there is the more you will be seen and you will also avoid more issues like potholes etc.  Be Safe Be Seen.


There are many more tips and hints that can be found at Up & Running advice and of course you can always pop into your local Up & Running for a chat with a real person.


Staying motivated


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